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‘Manage IT like a business’ is the motto of our consulting services. The IT of a company should complement its business strategies to achieve maximum value propositions. The necessary conditions include open communication, transparency of performance, quality and costs, targeted cooperation as well as the consistent willingness to learn and change on behalf of the organisation and the people involved.

Following the consulting assignment at hand, our understanding of the job is based on sincerity, mutual appreciation, genuine teamwork qualities and direct communication, underpinned by low-profile hierarchies and freedom for the individual. This is how we live up to our expectations: being a reliable partner to our customers, delivering top performances, and generating and implementing creative and pragmatic ideas.

For more than fifteen years, IndiTango has been operating as a strategic, corporate IT consultant. Over 40 consultants advise large companies in different industries throughout Germany and Europe. As we intend to continue growing, our activities increasingly focus on international areas – communication in English is part of our daily business and is encouraged by targeted training.

Your perspective

Perspectives as an IndiTango consultant

The knowledge and experience of our team are our most valuable assets. Their qualifications, performance and dedication make us what we are. That is why their wellbeing is essential to us – in a company culture characterised by trust, respect and the personal space to develop individuality and creativity.

Curiosity, consistency and the desire to rediscover familiar ideas and allow change are fundamental prerequisites for our job. If this is your motivation, you have our full support and encouragement. Individual training profiles and our mentoring programmes are two of the incentives that motivate our staff to deliver best performances. For each of our juniors and consultants, an experienced senior is available, ready to assist in expert matters and general concerns. This is how our employees gradually learn to assume more and more responsibility and have the possibility to participate actively in shaping our company.

Application procedure

Connecting on an equal footing

Dialogue instead of cross-examination, centring instead of side-lining: respectful and trusting partnerships are essential to us – within company boundaries and when first establishing a contact with you. We understand the application process as an exchange and value your opinion. Naturally, we will treat your interest in working for us with the utmost discretion.

As we want you to feel comfortable throughout the entire application procedure, we carefully prepare it with regards to our candidates. Custom-fit recruiting is in both our interests as we are dealing with your future and ours – and hopefully with one that we will soon share.

At IndiTango, we place people at the centre of everything we do. Therefore, we would like to give you an impression of our application procedure and what you should expect:

We won’t keep you waiting and will get back to you within five days of receiving your application. This first impression should focus on giving us an idea of who you are, on both professional and personal levels – we’d like to meet the person behind the paperwork. By the way, career changers are also very welcome to apply.

In a first interview, we discuss what we require and expect from you in the position you’re applying for – and vice versa! We want you to get to know us, so we’ll introduce you to the IndiTango Group, our history and position, company culture and philosophy. In return, we look forward to finding out more about you and your career to date.

If there’s a further, mutual interest after our first meeting, the individual assessment centre will provide an impression of your practical skills. We apply recognised diagnostic methods that allow us to make decisions regardless of personal preferences. We want to make sure that you are the right fit for us and that the IndiTango group is a good employer for you. However, there’s no need to worry – this day is mainly intended for us to get better acquainted and spend a little more time together.

After the individual assessment centre, we’ll need some time to process the impressions, insights and information gained – as you will probably, too. A few days later, we’ll get in touch again and give each other feedback regarding our interest in a future cooperation – and will hopefully be able to welcome you to the team very soon!

Job vacancies

Keep it up!

Clicking on the tab ‘job vacancies’ was your first step into our team. If we’ve been able to spark your interest in IT management consulting and Technology Business Management, you’ve come to the right place. Whether it is a position as an analyst (junior to senior), a consultant (junior to senior), a project assistant or a student assistant, we’ll most certainly find a suitable job for you.

Our job offers are currently only available in German, to take a look at our vacancies please visit the German version of our career website.

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