Digital Transformation

Living digital innovation

Digital transformation is the greatest lever for innovation and growth in the coming decade. To embrace the megatrend instead of following it, it is necessary to approach the process openly for changes, structured and holistically.

As consultants with origins in the port city of Hamburg, we see ourselves as pilots of digitalization. With you at the helm, we advise you on your strategy and the impact of digitalization on your business model, right through to operationalizing it in your processes, organization and corporate culture.

With our four-phase-model, we have developed a modular end-to-end process that successfully guides you through all steps of your digital transformation. Based on your specific situation, we accompany you from fine-tuning through selective digitalization initiatives to a holistic transformation at business model level:

  1. Development of the mission statement:
    We develop a common vision for an overarching goal.
  2. Determination of the location:
    We determine the actual state to fully exploit potentials
  3. Drawing up the roadmap:
    We evaluate the measures and create a roadmap.
  4. Shaping digital change:
    We sharpen your organization and processes.

Four-phase Model

Develop a mission statement

The vision is a decisive factor for success from which the digitization strategy is derived. A formulated mission statement offers your employees a strong orientation and motivation to help shape the future of the organization. We are eager to support you methodically, for example with creative approaches such as Lego Serious Play®, to sketch your individual target image.

Determine location

For the success of your digitalization initiatives, an assessment of the current situation is essential.
With our Digital Readiness Assessment, we identify your digital strengths and weaknesses in areas such as strategy, operations, technology and corporate culture. The results draw a holistic picture of the digital maturity level of your company.
We compare the results with our technology radar and best practices from a wide range of industries. This allows you to identify the solution approaches and fields of action with the greatest leverage effect on the achievement of your goals at an early stage.

Set up roadmap

To plan the optimal path from the current location to your target image, the right measures must be derived. We work collaboratively to determine the impact of digital trends on your business model using business cases. This results in measures which, after prioritization, are transformed into a digitalization roadmap. This is coordinated with your digitization strategy to establish the transformation process sustainably.

A basic understanding is needed to assess the added value of innovative technologies. Artificial Intelligence (AI), Blockchain or Robotic Process Automation (RPA) become your everyday language through our workshops at eye level. Based on your level of knowledge, we advise you from basic understanding to the evaluation of specific use cases.

Shaping digital change

To ensure a successful implementation, a structure geared to the digitization strategy is necessary. We enable your organization to drive innovation in a sustainable way in terms of personnel and processes.

We support you in setting up your company in such a way that it reacts agilely to changes in the dynamic digitalization environment. This can mean sharpening existing role models, anchoring a digital unit in your organization or setting up an innovation lab.

We also accompany you during piloting and rapid prototyping of selected technologies. This allows you to test the potential of innovative technologies in practice at an early stage with low risk. For sustainable implementation and scaling, our Sourcing Advisory expert team will assist you in your search for the perfect service provider - from start-up to big tech player.

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