Technology Business Management

Maximizing the value proposition of your IT

Technology Business Management (TBM) is the discipline that targets maximizing the value proposition of your IT. Making your expenses transparent will create the base for systematic optimisation. Maximized IT value propositions are possible by ‘managing IT like a business’ and are the foundations that a competitive edge is built on.

Two essential principles describe the necessary TBM actions that optimise the value proposition of IT:

Reducing ‘Run the Business’ costs to a sensible minimum

Managing investments in ‘Grow the Business’ and ‘Change the Business’

TBM Roadmap

Adapting Technology Business Management

Guiding you through the TBM process

Alongside the TBM roadmap, IndiTango has developed packages for consulting services. Corresponding service packages deliver the results required for each phase.

TBM Service Packages

Cooperating stakeholders define the demands for creating value and examine how to embed TBM in the customers’ existing organisation and structures. Then, the roadmap for a step-by-step introduction of the TBM stack is determined. Finally, modular ‘proof of value’ is developed to support relevant decision-making processes for the roadmap.

IT costs are organised in line with the ATUM standard cost model and allocated to IT services or applications. The quality of the provided data is irrelevant, as handling ‘dirty data’ is part of the IndiTango TBM approach. A number of ‘outside the box’ analyses and reports can rapidly initiate ‘quick win’ improvements. Applying the ATUM model facilitates benchmarking without the need of extensive normalisation and optimisation potential can be systematically identified.

By linking cost information to consumption and capacity information, fact-based optimisation approaches such as virtualisation, application reduction, usage of cloud services, etc. are easily analysed and determined. Simulations assist evaluating how changes affect costs.

The definition of business-related services beneficially influences the way IT costs are understood, and resources are used. Based on best practices, IndiTango provides an IT services catalogue that ideally corresponds to the ATUM taxonomy and allows cost control.

The service catalogue is the groundwork IndiTango defines its billing objects and procedures for determining prices with. Service costs correspond to previously accomplished cost transparency, and business units are charged accordingly.

The Apptio tool accomplishes automatization of TBM for sustainable maximization of IT value propositions. IndiTango offers implementation and support for building the TBM office responsible for providing solutions. After only 90 days, Apptio will supply first reports to start fact-based optimization and communicate the IT value proposition.

TBM Taxonomy

Our recommendation

IndiTango recommends using an appropriate tool for TBM automatisation. We vouch for the Apptio solution, as this tool was developed in close cooperation with customers and consulting businesses and, therefore, includes best practices. Our recommendation particularly applies to the standard IT cost model ATUM.

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